Advantages of automatic lawn sprinklers

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If Mother Nature graced us with rainfall every day, the same amount of water in the rainfall and a little less sunlight, the word would be an all green place. The reality however is that although we all have wishes, and think up things Mother Nature could do differently, and better, we cannot control her. Therefore, we learn to live with the dry seasons, the irregular rainfall and the inconsistency in terms of how much it has rained. The sprinkler system is a great way to keep your lawn green. The old sprinkler cans can no longer be of help to us because, well, we have busy lives. Below is an insight.

1. They ensure water conservation

In the past, most people used sprinkler cans to water their lawns. The truth is to use the cans; one needed to water during the day. No one wants to be outside in the cold at night watering their lawn, no matter how much they love it. Therefore, this meant that a lot of the water given to the lawn was lost through evaporation because the sun is hot during the day. This meant that one had to use more water so that their plants could look greener and healthier.

With the automatic sprinkles, one only has to turn on the water and the sprinkle will do the rest. Therefore, one can water the plants at night or in the evenings so that not much of it is evaporated and that the lawn gets enough water.

2. Allows for customized watering

The sprinkler and lawn irrigation system comes in many different ways. It allows you to create your own watering strategy. Depending on the size, type and the shape of your lawn, the watering needs may be different from most of the lawns. Therefore, one in the past even with a sprinkle needed to know how long and how much water to give to each section so that they do not over water. After watering one section, one would need to go out and shift the location of the sprinkle. The automatic systems reduce the worries in sprinkling by creating ways that make it convenient and easy to water your lawn. Lawn sprinkler come in different varieties including traveling sprinklers, oscillating, revolving and stationary sprinklers. One only has to choose the one they think will serve them best.

3. Removes the worry from watering

Lawn sprinklers water the lawn consistently and regularly and you have programmed them to. This removes the worry that parts of your lawn will grow faster or be greener that other parts. It also reduces the worry that because you will be away during the summer or that you will be busy at work; your lawn will be neglected. Their watering consistency also removes the pressure of having to make sure they water properly manually. This means that your lawn will remain beautiful all year long and you can also water per inch for more consistency and to make your lawn look greener and kempt.

Scotts 20-Inch Classic Reel Mower Review

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Though reel mowers have been replaced with electric mowers, there remains a small class of reel mower makers that strive to keep it in competition. Scotts 20-inch classic reel mower is one of those that cut the grass clean. The classic design, an extra sharp blade, and dual radial wheels make it possible to cut the grass efficiently and accurately and also allow the person mowing to be at ease. It has a comfortable range of mowing height which is easily adjustable. With the wide blade, it cuts a large area in each pass, reducing the back and forth trips. For taller grass, it is equally equipped to cut thoroughly and leave an evenly mowed lawn.

– Cut height adjustment

Scotts 20-inch classic reel has three levels of adjustment to cut the grass. The settings can be adjusted easily with a single lever. This feature is outstanding with the reel mower as it makes possible for the grass to be cut at a desired height.

– Quality grass cut

Though simplistic in design, the mower has five blades that are arranged specifically to reduce friction within the mower. All these blades also make the maneuvering of the machine easier. In addition, the arrangement and spin of the blades ensures that the grass is cut at an even level regardless of grass height. Also with the welded reel hood, you can mow your lawn without worrying that you might cut your hanging plants and shrubs.

– Simple to use

Because it is a manual mower, some would expect it to be difficult to maneuver as it requires to be pushed. It does not have the ability to push itself as other more advanced mowers. However, even though it is manual, it still makes maneuvering easy. Thanks to the dual trucking radial wheels, the mower glides over the grass easily by reducing drag. For different heights of people, adjustment is also possible. Ensuring that the height is matched with the individual doing the mowing allows it to move smoothly over the grass. Another plus for the user is that there is no noise or fumes to inhale while mowing. Just a noiseless mowing experience.

– Easy to maintain

The simple yet useful design of the mower also facilitates an easy to assemble mechanism. It comes in the box pre-assembled and the work left for the user is to simply adjust the wheel friction and height. Once it starts working, it requires very little to keep it working. A little oiling of the parts to keep them from suffering from too much friction and frequent tightening of bolts and nuts to keep it working correctly is enough to give years on the machine. Also sharpening of blades when they are dull (which does not happen quickly) will keep it working at top shape.

Such features go to great lengths in saving you money in the long run in terms of maintenance. There are no big bills spent on taking the machine to a service center because much of the maintenance can be done in the home. Simple as that.