Women's Roadmap

Women's Roadmap is a researched, proven framework for building corporate women's initiatives.

Together Jane Weiss and Selena Rezvani will help you implement high impact strategies for engaging and retaining your female workforce, while developing a diverse leadership pipeline. A major differentiator in our approach, we use metrics before and after our interventions to concretely demonstrate progress. Learn how we can partner with your organization to improve an existing women's initiative, or to start a new initiative from the ground up.

Selena and Jane have worked with varied organizations including:

Monster Fannie Mae AT&T
Bright Horizons Alston Bird Forte Foundation
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Northrop Grumman
Women in leadership
  • A study of 353 Fortune 500 companies found that those companies with the highest representation of women on their top management teams experienced better financial performance than companies with the lowest women’s representation. (Catalyst, 2004)
  • Fast Company compiled research showing that women are more likely to be excluded from social networks at work, making their ability to find mentors more difficult. Women perceive more barriers in accessing a mentor, citing lack of access and the scarcity of available female mentors. (Fast Company, 2009)
  • While 79% of men and 87% of women believe in the benefits of gender parity, only 20% of men and women believe their company is actually doing something about it. (Bain & Co., 2010)